Family search by name


Marriage and divorce information

Sometimes it's difficult to find it because people prefer to hide it.


Over time and with circumstances, you may have lost contact with your classmates and old friends. We will help you with people lookup.

Criminal record data

It is better to clarify everything with us because sometimes people hide their past. It can very often show your future!

What are our advantages?


All your requests will be hidden and available only to you. Everything is confidential and no one can view your search history.


Don't worry about the security and reliability of the details we provide and that you are looking for.


With a high flow of information, there are public records here.

How ShadowInc works?

Type in a name and click the search button

Select the desired person in the search results

Get a report!

What information will be provided to you in our people finder?

People's appreciation of our work

"You saved me from a huge run-around with a car dealership. [...] called the actual owner, got the answer I wanted and got job done right."

Simon W., Wilkes Barre, PA

Simon W., Wilkes Barre, PA

"Found the information needed to win a big contract with [a local organization]. Knew their history, their challenges and the right person to talk to."

Carolyn B., Dublin, TX

Carolyn B., Dublin, TX

"When you're active in your community like me, ShadowInc is the easiest resource I've found."

Carl H., Powder Springs, GA

Carl H., Powder Springs, GA

"Great to know what's happening in the neighborhood with people, prices. And sometimes I like to know about friend's neighborhoods too."

Janet L., Oberlin, OH

Janet L., Oberlin, OH


Is this service free?

Of course, we want our customers to be satisfied and feel safe. We don't have a goal to make money from you. However, if you are interested in a more detailed report, you can use our extended paid version.

Do you have a feature that will delete my data or change it?

Yes. Click on the DO NOT SELL MY INFO link.

What is the difference between your source and others?

Our employees are constantly processing the database and searching for information. Therefore, you can be sure of its relevance.

Where did you get people's data? Does it violate the law?

Everything is legal here. We buy databases from trusted sources and scan information on the Internet, for example, in social networks.