About ShadowInc

What makes ShadowInc different?

Our Data

As a public records search engine, it's understandable if you think we're like all the rest.

However, ShadowInc takes a new approach to public record data aggregation.

We go beyond free online resources and social site collections to include premium data from government agencies, professional organizations, corporate directories, community and homeowner's associations, home sharing review sites and many more previously under-used resources.

Our Model

ShadowInc is about much more than "people" search. ShadowInc is true public record entity and history search.

Our business and data management model make this as simple as a single search.

Our People

From our data engineers and product designers to our customer support and billing management team - we are focused on getting you the information you need.

As members of ShadowInc, you get our full resources to discover and find everything that exists in the public record.

If you ever buy the wrong report, we will refund your full purchase price and give you the correct report for free.